wallet greenery

What kind of greenery do you like? Garden greenery or greenery in your wallet? In this picture you are viewing both as this building is only 5 bucks a sq. foot.

The center entrance to the west addition of John Wayne’s Cowboy Compound features an overgrowth greenery each summer. Looking thru the window one sees a freshly painted and decorated room. This room featured Ethan Allen furniture against a historic Waterhouse Wallpaper. John Wayne’s wife brought the west wing to life with quality Benjamin Moore paint and designer to the trade only wallhangings. Unfortunately, the wife did not have plumbing skills. John Wayne was pursuing his own hobbies and the all tiled bathrooms need plumbed. Despite the remaining tasks to complete, this all brick building is bargain basement priced at 5 dollars a square foot. All brick construction at a fraction of the cost of installing a new building building!