Cowboy Complex

John Wayne Haddix’s Cowboy Compound totals 18,554 sq. ft. of solid all brick construction. John Wayne has priced his Nebraska complex at five dollars a square foot.

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Call: (402) 350 – 6740
Visit: Sargent, Nebraska 68874

1201 W. Main

Ready to meet all your dreams!


3.59 acres = unlimited options!


Aggressively priced to sell!

The Perfect Secluded Space

Nestled in an L shaped grove of trees on the west & north sides this cheap commercial location offers privacy in a safe setting!

Call 402-350-6740

Cash buyers wanted! Buyers with a business plan, Sargent has an active Economic Development office with available funds.

Measurements of 1201 W. Main Street

The right hand side of the sketch shows the measurements of the eastern portion built in 1950. The left hand side of the sketch shows the mid century modern portion built in 1971/1972

Cheap Freedom from City Life!

This large building offers the buyer unlimited options due to the large amount of space. Additionally, the roof in the newer section is supported by steel pillars. There are no load bearing walls in the entire new (west) section with its Mid Century Modern vibe. The west section could be gutted into one large room if the buyer so desires.

No Crime

The price of Cowboy Complex is so cheap, it is almost a crime. The reality is the Duke likes the low almost no crime in Sargent, Nebraska!

Make it Unique

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to own 18,554 sq. ft on 3.59 acres and express your true self, Hondo, by having total freedom to run your business!  Pure quietness or ear blasting music in your off the grid set up in Sargent, Nebraska available at 5 dollars a square foot!

Man Cave Heaven

John Wayne Haddix’s Cowboy Compound is the perfect man cave for any manly man wanting a commercial home to call his own.

You're the Star

It’s your life, live it your way! Write a script that meets all your dreams! Renovate this special offering to your heart’s desire. Work when you want and explore Nebraska’s endless hunting and fishing spots in God’s country!

Buy 1201 W Main Street

Photo of the actual bricks on the west half of the Cowboy Complex. Parcel 000295800  Legal: Sec 3-19-18 SWSW Par#12  3.59 Acres Sargent Village